Bow River Trout – Mission


Bow River Trout has been formed out of a need for an organization to advocate for support of the Bow River’s world class fishery.

The fishery needs support to maintain access and support a sustainable fish population.

Bow River Trout is driven by a commitment to “Protect, Support and Advocate for the Bow River Fishery”


• To promote and support the responsible use and enhancement of the Bow River fishery and its tributaries.

• To commit to maintenance of access and responsible use of the Bow River for the fishing community.

• To support the sustainability and enhancement of responsible fishery management for the Bow River Basin.

• To promote, foster and develop sports fishing and sound conservation practices in the Bow River watershed.

• To advocate and support for improvements for fish and fish habitat that benefit the Bow River ecosystem and the fishing community at large.

• To cooperate with any authorities, public or academic or otherwise, and other organizations, whether incorporated or not, which have objectives similar in whole or part to the objectives of the Bow River Trout .

Bow River Trout actively supports the work of the    Calgary River Users Alliance

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