Calgary River Access Strategy – Motion to City Council June 13 / 14, 2016

City Council will be deciding on June 13/14 on whether to undertake a River Access Strategy, which is being proposed by Councillors Keating and Carra. This motion has been raised much sooner that we had expected, due primary to concerns express by the public for the Graves Bridge boat ramp closure. A copy of the motion is attached.

NM – Calgary River Access Strategy (002)

Please e-mail your support for the Strategy to your Councillor before the weekend. The following link will guide you to your City Councillor:

Calgary City Councillors

We can’t expect everyone  to have identical views but collectively we need to make a few points.  Here is some suggested text to send –

As a river user in Calgary I would like to emphasize the importance of river access to all citizens in Calgary.  Commercial, recreational, and educational use of the Bow and Elbow Rivers is cherished by Calgarians.

I appreciate that City Council has responded promptly and comprehensively to address this issue with the Motion to Council, “Calgary River Access Strategy ”, and I ask that you support this motion.

I ask that the Calgary River Users’ Alliance (CRUA) and my group be consulted by City staff as they undertake the requested “Policy Report and Implementation Plan”.  The CRUA was formed in response to the obvious need to identify, improve, and manage responsible access to Calgary’s rivers.

I also request that some immediate action be taken to re-open Graves Bridge boat launch and other boat ramps, and to install minimal amenities at some of the existing but poorly maintained hand carry access locations. I respect the need for a comprehensive river access strategy but do not want to delay some immediate needs. 

If there are no or few proper access points, some river users create their own access. This causes littering, erosion, damage to wildlife habitat, and trespassing, while respectful users are unfairly tarnished with the same brush.

Thank you:

Bow River Trout

 Calgary River User Alliance supporter




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