Calgary River Access Strategy – Approved by City Council


Calgary City Council approved the motion “Calgary River Access Strategy” on June 14, 2016. The motion was proposed by Councillors Keating and Carra. The motion directs City Administration ( Water Resources, Fire, Recreation and Parks Department) to address the short and long-term river access issues for recreation and commercial use. City Administration is to report back to City Council with a report no later than Q1 2017.  A copy of the motion is attached.

NM – Calgary River Access Strategy (002)

During City Council debate is was clear that all Councillors were in favor of the Motion. Two concerns were expressed:

  • Parks Department was asked to address the financial impact of the motion. It was encouraging to see that an assessment of boat access points was underway within the 2016 budget. Future infrastructure costs would be a part of the report to City Council  Q1 2017.
  • Water Resources was questioned on the environmental impact of new or improved river access. Council was assured that Federal and Provincial  environmental and habitat legislation would be met.

For river users and more specifically drift boat fishermen and raft operators of the Bow River, the “Calgary River Access Strategy” will address the short term issues. It is expected that a resolution to the Graves Bridge Boat Ramp closure will be found.

Calgary River Users Alliance (CRUA) as a river access stakeholder is expecting to be consulted on the infrastructure improvements needs to secure a comprehensive river recreation use policy.

Bow River Trout

 Calgary River User Alliance supporter

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