MacKinnon’s Flats River Access – A Public Disgrace

MacKinnon’s Flats one of the major Bow River access points south-east of Calgary is cherished by fishermen and floaters alike as one of only 4 access points downstream of Calgary. In recent years the property that is classified as “Public Land” has not been maintained by the Province and has fallen into an ever increasing state of disrepair.

Following the 2013 flood access to the river and parking lot were reinstated by the Province. But nothing was done to other infrastructure. Maintenance to toilets and garbage disposal has been discontinued.

Alberta Environment & Parks is now planning to remove garbage cans and outhouses, install signage describing  the site as “User Maintained”. Users will be expected to pack out their own garbage and behave appropriately.

The Bow River once had a world renowned reputation as a ” Blue-Ribbon Trout Fishery”. But the lack of commitment by the Province of Alberta to support the fishery’s infrastructure has tarnished the Bow River’s reputation.

This is surely a public disgrace!

Bow River Trout

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