Harvie Passage Redevelopment Starts

 Cripen burger

The Harvie Passage Alliance released the following information on August 31. We can expect to see some sediment in the Bow River downstream of Harvie Passage up to September 15.


The Harvie Passage project in Calgary on the Bow River has received Water Act Approval, the Temporary Field Authorization and Navigation Protection Act Approval. Construction should start in the next couple of days once the contractor has an approved ECO Plan and Care of Water Plan.

The contractor has mobilized the equipment to the site. The contractor’s construction draft schedule shows that work would start now and will continue till around the end of October after which the site will be shut down for the winter. Work would start up again in April 2017.

The work this fall includes diverting the river around HWC Drops #3L, #3R, and #4 prior to September 15th to allow rehabilitation of these drop structures in isolation from the river after September 15th. The contractor may also remove a portion of the gravel bar located upstream of the entrance to the Low Water Channel and dredge the portage channel upstream of the weir on the right riverbank.

Good news. And thanks to the Alberta Transportation Project Manager, Carl Wirzba and the consulting engineers, Klohn Crippen Berger.

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