Future Looks Good For The Bow River’s Brown Trout

The Bow River’s Brown Trout are recognized worldwide as truly an  exceptional example of the species. It is not uncommon to catch one in excess of 24″ in length. Unfortunately there appeared to be a decline in the population in recent years. The Elbow River is used by the Bow River’s resident brown trout population as a spawning destination.  Calgary River Valleys a local environmental stewardship organization has been conducting annual Brown Trout Redd Counts on the Elbow River as an indicator of spawning success dating back as far as 1982. After years of decline, the 2015 survey showed marked increases in Redd Counts .

In addition to the Elbow River, the Calgary reach of the Bow River is also a spawning destination for Brown Trout. Trout Unlimited Canada – Bow River Chapter conducted a Redd Count Survey between Graves Bridge and Policeman’s Flats  in the fall of 2015 that showed impressive number of redds that were considerably higher than a previous survey conducted in 2005. The Bow River Chapter Data documents spawning locations within the scope of the survey with the highest concentrations in the Mallard Point back channel and adjacent to Popular Island. The survey will be repeated in 2016.

These surveys speak well for the future of the Bow Rivers Brown Trout Population


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