Calgary’s River Access Strategy goes to City Council in March 2017

Calgary’s RIVER ACCESS STRATEGY addresses the Notice of Motion to Calgary City Council approved in June 2016 with the intention of providing easier, safer, legal, and environmentally sustainable river access along the Bow and Elbow rivers. 

This strategy aims to:

  • Provide increased user access to the Bow and Elbow rivers, so that Calgarians can enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

    Promote appropriate access points to access recreation opportunities on the river, while also protecting the riparian environment.

  • Provide better information around bylaws, safety, river conditions and more.

  • Create more economic opportunities for various businesses who provide services to help users access the river.

The River Access Strategy Draft Report will be submitted to Calgary’s Community Services Committee on February 1, 2017, followed by presentation to City Council for approval in March 2017. Calgary River Users Alliance as a principal stakeholder in recreation river use and Bow River Trout as a member of CRUA  were consulted extensively by Calgary’s Parks Department to develop the strategy.

We are very pleased with the  outcome. But at this stage, it is important to get feedback  on the draft report from the river user community at large. Therefore please respond by posting your comments below or by email

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