Old Refinery Park Proposed as Replacement for 17 Ave SE / Cushing Bridge Boat Ramp

orp-1As part of the stakeholder consultation with Calgary’s River Access Strategy, Calgary River Users Alliance has been negotiating with Calgary Parks to open 17 Ave./Cushing Bridge Boat Ramp to public access.

Unfortunately, the Calgary Fire Department could not grant public access to trailered drift boat and rafts. The following Report documents the reasoning behind the decision and recommends Old Refinery Park to be a public boat launch replacement.

It is refinary-park-boat-ramphoped that the new boat ramp, located on the west side on Ogden Road SE, upstream of Calf Rope Bridge will be completed in 2017.

Although it is disappointing to see the 17 Ave SE boat ramp closed to the public, the Old Refinery Park site will offer excellent access to the river, a large parking lot close to the ramp, toilets as well as other amenities that will forge the way for new river access points in the city.

 The complete list of proposed boat ramps and hand launch sites can be found in Calgary’s River Access Strategy

Your support for the strategy is welcome by posting your comments below or by email daritek46@gmail.com


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