River Access Strategy Presented to Community & Protective Services February 1, 2017


The Calgary  River Access Strategy will be presented to the City of Calgary’s Community & Protective Services Committee(CPS) on February 1, 2017 for discussion, public input and hopefully approval before being presented to City Council for approval in March. From a list of 25 sites given consideration for development, the list is now down to 12 potential boat ramps. Of which Stoney Trail, 12 Street SE (new), Refinery Park (new), Graves Bridge and Fish Creek are considered high priority for the fishing community.

After considerable debate 17 Ave SE / Cushing Bridge has been taken off the table as a public access point. Ogden Road was considered as a realistic alternative, but the Bonnybrook Permanent Flood Barrier eliminated this site. A new boat ramp site at the top end of the Old Refinery Park has been identified as the most appropriate location to meet recreation fishing boat access to replace the 17 Ave SE boat ramp. The rationale for this boat ramp site selection can be seen in the following  Report

What is important at this stage in the River Access Strategy approval process is for all river user groups, businesses and individuals to support the proposals with appropriate comments that will assist approval by City Council. 

Needless to say the fishing community needs to get behind this project.

 BRT Presentation to Community& Protective Service Committee in February details the needs for recreational fishing boat access . If you feel a change in direction is needed please contact me ASAP. We would be pleased to add your support to the document, but if you wish to submit input yourself, please forward an email to the Project Manager for the River Access Strategy at  Calgary Parks.

If you wish to speak to the CPS committee,  please contact me and I will fill you in on the details.

 Peter Crowe-Swords


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