The Bow River Needs Your Support


The Bow River is considered a “Blue Ribbon Trout Stream” and is recognized around the world as one of the best destinations for an opportunity to catch a “Once in a Lifetime” Brown or Rainbow Trout.  

A recent report generated by Bow River Trout for the Calgary River Access Strategy summarized data from angling surveys conducted across Alberta:

  • These data support our (CRUA) belief that in excess of 12,000 anglers fish the Bow River on average 14.8 days a year. This accounts for more than 177,600 fishing day per year contributing more than $24.5 million to the local economy.
  • In addition, the Sports Fishing in Alberta, 2010 Survey indicates that the Alberta’s Eastern Slopes Zone supports 56,519 anglers each spending on average $2,018 /year to support their recreational activity, for a total $114 million annually. 

Where are all these anglers when assistance is needed to improve recreational fishing opportunities in the region?

Bow River Trout has been very successful representing local fishing interest as a stakeholder with the City of Calgary’s River Access Strategy. We are confident that we will see boat ramp improvements towards the end of 2017 and into 2018. This consultation process has been  a game changer as to how the fishing community negotiates with government to gain improvement to our local fishery.

The next step is to engage the Province to develop a river access strategy for the entire Bow River Basin. We believe Bow River Trout could become the society representing the Bow River recreational angler interests at the negotiation table.

We are looking for 5 people to commit time to the development of Bow River Trout as a society and secure a large enough membership to support an aggressive mandate for the future of the Bow River fishery. If you can assist please fill out the contact information below

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