Calgary’s River Access Strategy A Game Changer

Monday, February 13, 2017 was a game changer for the Bow River fishing community. The Calgary River Access Strategy was approved by City Council giving the fishing community two new boat ramps at Ogden Bridge and Inglewood and an upgrade at West Baker Park and Graves Bridge (Glenmore). Once the High Priority Access Points are completed by the fall of 2018, the drift boat angler will be able to fish the entire lower Bow River from West Baker Park in the North-West of Calgary downstream to Carsland.

Click Map to Expand
Click Map to Expand

As the full impact of the River Access Strategy rolls out over the next 6 years we will see the number of boat ramps increase from 6 to a total of 17. This will allow for short (half-day) and longer (full-day) float trips over a variety of landscapes. The Bow River Boat Ramp Map details all sites on a Google Map

Bow River Trout has played an important role in the stakeholder consultation process with Calgary Parks to develop the River Access Strategy and will continue to be consulted with river access site developments. We will also be working to improve access downstream of Calgary.

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