Bow River Trout Spring 2017 Newsletter

The BRT Newsletter Spring 2017 covers a wide variety of topics that lay the foundation for our vision for the future of the Bow River Fishery.

  • We have registered BRT as an Alberta Society by the name of Bow River Trout Foundation with a clear mandate to ” Protect and Support the Bow River Fishery”.
  • Our stakeholder consultation with Calgary’s River Access Strategy and Alberta Environment & Parks, Bow River Access Plan will see two new Calgary boat ramps within two years and upgrades to river access further downstream.
  • Please give some consideration to joining Bow River Trout. For $25 your membership will allow you to work closely with like-minded individuals to advocate and give back to one of North America’s greatest fisheries.


2 thoughts on “Bow River Trout Spring 2017 Newsletter

  1. Is there any plans for Policemans flats to get sorted as it’s a mess nothing been done after the flood of 2013 as a river user this is a busy boat launch that if you don’t have a truck you can’t use.


    1. John:
      Yes, AEP will be releasing a Bow River Access Plan for comment later this month where Policeman’s Flats upgrades will be detailed. A new site for a boat launch has been proposed on the north side of the river but it may take a year or two to get built. In the meantime Policeman’s will be maintained.


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