Harvie Passage Instream Work – July 20-21, 2017


Cripen burger

The Harvie Passage Low Flow Channel (River right) will be opened up for testing the design on Thursday, July 20th, and Friday July 21st. Bow River Trout was concerned that the instream work could have a serious impact on the fishery for two days. We are very please to report that our suggestion that instream work should only be conducted in the afternoons to minimize the impact for drift boat users within the city. The contractor has agreed to our request with the following work plan starting Thursday:

“What we will be planning to do is cut down the downstream cofferdam beginning tomorrow morning (removing material to bring it to water level), and the actual removal from below water level will begin around lunch time. On Friday, we’ll do the same with the upstream cofferdam, we’ll reduce the elevation in the morning, then actual removal will start around lunch time, with the river breaching and entering the channel around that time. Cofferdam removal will be completed by end of day Friday, no disturbances for Harvie Passage are anticipated over the weekend”. 

Please be advised, that the new rapid transit bridge downstream of Cushing Bridge is under construction and instream work may cause turbidity as well. We are hoping to negotiate the same work plan for this site.


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