One Fly Tournament Update

 Update, September 19, 2017

Ten days to go to the tournament with still a few guided trips available. Details can be found on the BRT website: BRT One Fly Tournament


Registration will continue to be open ONLINE until the morning of the event on Saturday September 30, 2017 for those who wish to bring their own boats. But for a guided trip and guarantee a supplied lunch pack, registration needs to be completed by September 27, 2017.


Guided Trip $600

Self-Guided Trip $300


All entrants and guides are to meet at Fish Tales Fly Shop parking lot at 7:30 am on September 30, 2017. At this time Bow River Trout will provide the catch recording sheets and confirm registrations as well as any other required information. Participants are encouraged to be off the water by 6:00 pm with catch records presented to the organizers at our reception by 6:45 pm.

Fly Selection:

Entrants must submit their fly selections to BRT by 9:00 am September 30, 2017. Full details are available at the following link:

Reception & Pub Social:

The awards reception and social will take place after the tournament at The Toad ‘n” Turtle at 5155 – 130 Ave SE, Calgary starting a 7:00 pm. The full menu will be available for those who wish to eat at

Bow River Trout Foundation is planning to raise an estimated amount of $67,000 this year on fundraising campaigns. It will cost our organization $32,000 to raise this for a net return of $35,000. The money raised will be going to our commitment to improve two river access boat ramps on the Bow River. For further information, please contact Peter Crowe-Swords at 403-680-8320. Our address is 3608 Beaver Road N.W., Calgary, AB, T2L 1X1 and we are incorporated in Alberta.

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