BRT One Fly Tournament Wrap-Up

  Saturday September 30, 2017

Calgary had beautiful autumn weather for the previous week, but the weather forecast for a sudden change to more winter like conditions did not deter the enthusiasm for the tournament. A total of 17 boats and 45 participants registered for the tournament. Wind and rain did arrive, but by mid-afternoon some good dry fly fishing could be had. The day was finished off with a reception at the Toad ‘n’ Turtle on 130 Ave SE. The Fred Boyer Limited Edition Bronze Belt Buckle were awarded to:

Edith Snyder

One of three ladies fishing from the same boat. Edith caught all three species of sports fish, brown trout, rainbow trout and whitefish. Edith fish on nymph and  dry fly and supplied photos of the days fishing.

Cathy Kausche 

Cathy fished with her daughter Caitlin and guided by Mike Venhuis. Cathy  caught the tournaments Specimen Rainbow Trout. We decided the photo of Cathy’s fish fits that mark. With the addition of Caitlin’s fish, the photo truly highlights what Bow River fly fishing is all about, fishing with family and friends.

Peter Monod

Peter who fished with guide Dee Chatani and his son Matt, caught the Specimen Brown Trout that is showing its full spawning colours.

With the addition of Matt in the second photo, the photo truly highlights what we see more and more, a younger angler enjoying fishing with an individual with years of experience in the sport. A true gem of a photo.


In total we raised $4,750 that will go towards our initiatives to improve river access to the Bow River. The funds will be used to support the Calgary River Access Strategy boat ramp at Ogden Bridge that will be developed in 2018.

17021712_221694551631020_5595802841715024384_nThe One Fly Tournament was supported by Angling Outfitters and Guide Association of Alberta and donations of gift items from Iron Bow Fly Shop. A full list of our supports will be available on the Bow River Trout website.

We would like to thank everyone who came out to support the BRT One Fly Tournament

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