Bow River Water Management Plan – Response from Minister Shannon Phillips

A response from Alberta Environment & Parks Minister Shannon Phillips has been received to our concerns for the health on the Bow River fishery expressed in the following document: The Bow River Water Management & the Impact on the Fishery

October 18, 2017

Mr . Peter Crowe-Swords, President,

Bow  River  Trout Foundation

Dear Mr. Crowe-Swords:

Thank you for your email and for forwarding a copy of your document The Impact of Water Management Policy and Proposed Mitigation Initiatives on the Bow River Basin Fishery. I appreciate the opportunity to provide the following information.

Environment and Parks fisheries management staff participated in the development of the Bow River Water Management Project report dated May 17, 2017, and provided feedback in this report relative to fish and fishing as it relates to the various options or schemes; our comments throughout reflect this. For instance, in the environmental and ecological considerations section, fish and angling comments are provided under each scheme.

In the early summer of 2017, Environment and Parks identified concerns with flows and temperatures as it related to fish populations. Flows and temperatures were monitored for flowing waters in the eastern slopes of the South Saskatchewan River Basin throughout the summer. In July of 2017, an angling advisory was issued that identified the concern and options for anglers to mitigate potential risks. The advisory remained in effect until mid-September of 2017.

If and when large-scale infrastructure projects are approved for engineering and detailed design, all appropriate stakeholders, including regional stakeholders, will be engaged as part of the process.

Thank you again for your letter. I appreciate the Bow River Trout Foundation’s ongoing efforts to protect our extraordinary natural heritage.

Shannon Phillips Minister

Bow River Trout will continue to engage with the Government of Alberta to assure the protection on the Bow River fishery.

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