UPDATE May 02, 2018

Policeman’s Flats river access and boat ramp became an integral part of the Bow River fishery dating back some 30 years to when floating and fishing the Blue-Ribbon Bow became popular. The Government of Alberta developed a designated boat ramp at the site in the late nineties that received significant damage in the 2005 flood. The boat ramp and parking lot was redeveloped in 2008 but unfortunately was destroyed in the 2013 flood.

Bow River Trout’s position that is shared by other river use organizations, river guides, outfitters and the fishing community at large is that the current disposition of Policeman’s Flats is unacceptable as a safe boat launch and takeout point. Bow River Trout Foundation made the decision to fund short-term revitalization of the river access site with the support of the property owner Sherbrooke Investments Ltd and the fishing community.

The development

 Phase A: The proposal would see the removal of the rocks that interfere with boat access to and from the shore.  Habitat assessment protocols and instream permits application and temporary access agreements will see this work completed in April 2018. Total budget $ 11,500.

Work complete

Phase B: The parking and staging area will be contoured to facilitate better parking assignment. Removal of debris and a general clean-up of the site is needed on an ongoing basis.A seasonal amenities module comprising of toilets, benches and garbage containment is being considered. Work schedule, April 2018. Total budget $ 25,000

Earthwork Complete – no further closures

Signage, toilets and garbage bins to be added shortly

It is important to recognize that Policeman’s Flats is not public land but owned by Sherbrooke Investments Ltd who have graciously granted public access to the site. The river user community needs to recognize this commitment and support conservation of the site.




  1. So happy to hear that some work will be done on the Policemans Flats area – we live on the road in the valley and know that it is a popular fishing destination. Often there are cars, boat trailers, trucks, etc. congregating at the river side with no amenities. We would be particularly happy to see some toilets available for the fisherman and boaters to use as the trees nearby are now strewn with toilet paper and other debris. After a day on the river with a guide, a canoe club, picnicing, etc. , a bathroom is much needed for all!. Garbage containers and picnic tables would be a great addition as well. We have met international fishing groups at Policemans Flats and were embarrassed at the condition of the area in high use times such as Stampede. I hope your funding will allow for some proper table/garbage/toilet construction to better represent our tourism industry! (hopefully not just a plastic toilet rental!).
    Good for you for finally addressing this area with proper facilities.
    It is great that Sherwood Investments is allowing this on private land.
    It would be nice if Alberta Toursim would also support this reconstruction as it truly is a world renowned area that has been sadly neglected.
    We would be happy to support you in your efforts!
    local residents,
    Martin and Lillian Dyck


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