Bow River Instream Work – Bonnybrook Water Treatment Outflow Construction

Outfall Construction and Flood Resiliency

This new outfall is being upgraded to accommodate increased flows from the plant due to the expansion. It will be located just south of the Calf Robe Bridge and CN Rail river crossing. The outfall is also being extended a further 900m downstream system to provide further flood resiliency and includes an improved diffusion system in the river to enhance environmental performance.

To allow the installation of the new effluent diffusers in the river bed, a cofferdam has been installed south of the CN Rail river crossing to isolate the working area and protect the river from the construction activities. This cofferdam will temporarily decrease the width of the river in this location. The cofferdam will remain in place until April 2019 when it will be removed and the river restored to normal conditions.

A buoy line has been installed to allow safer passage for river users. Boaters and rafters are advised to exercise caution and follow the signs provided while passing through the area as the water velocities will be higher than normal.

In addition to the new outfall, we are constructing a new flood protection berm on the east side of the plant site. This will help prevent overland flooding of the site. The berm work also includes a new section of river pathway.

For further information go to the following web link:

canstockphoto9827443 (1)

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