The State of the Bow River Fishery – A Need for Water Management Change

The Bow River fishery needs a constant supply of cold clean water to sustain its future as a world recognized “Blue Ribbon Trout River”.

The management of water flows is controlled by the Province of Alberta within long standing agreements with TransAlta who control the hydro-electric dam infrastructure above Calgary, the City itself and the irrigation districts downstream.

Although Bow River flows are variable through the year, there has been extreme variations in flows during the spring and early summer of 2018. The impact on the sports fishery was enormous and potentially threatened the fish population itself. Changes were made to the water management protocol in July that have stabilizes flows, but the underlying operational proceedures that control the river flow are still in place. 

The document, A Need For Bow River Water Management Change, details the Bow River water management model, flood mitigation protocols and opportunities to stabilize river flows.

Bow River Trout Foundation is hopefully that our engagement with Alberta Environment & Parks, the water regulator and TransAlta, the hydroelectric power operator will see changes to water management operation in the upper Bow River that result in enhanced protection of the Blue Ribbon Bow Sports Fishery.

The State of the Bow River Fishery

The Blue Ribbon Bow River needs your help. Your donation will assist BRT initiatives to monitor fish population dynamics and advocate for fishery management change.



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