Patricia Hughes Appointed Executive Director

Bow River Trout Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Patricia Hughes to the position of Executive Director. Patricia brings to the foundation a wealth of experience in project management and engagement. Most recently Patricia worked for Teck Resources as Senior Advisor, Community Relations, and previously for Devon Energy in a similar capacity.

Patricia Hughes

Patricia received a BA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California, Santa Barbara, CA and an MA, in Latin American Studies, from the University of New Mexico.

In the position of Executive Director, Patricia will lead the advancement of the Bow River Trout Foundation in its commitment to the Blue Ribbon Bow River Fishery.

Bow River Trout Foundation was established in 2016 with an objective to “Advocate and Support the Bow River Fishery”. With a broad base of membership and local fishing community support, Bow River Trout Foundation has engaged with government agencies to recognize the importance of the Bow River fishery as a world class trout fishery and as a local recreation venue. Our recent initiative to revitalize the Policeman’s Flats river access site downstream of the City of Calgary was completed this year.

President, Peter Crowe-Swords comments: “The addition of Patricia Hughes to the position of Executive Director  is an important step to meet our commitments to the Bow River fishery. Bow River Trout Foundation has accomplished a considerable amount in a relatively short period of time and now we have the opportunity to reach out to enhance a very valuable resource for future generations”.

Contact Information:
Peter Crowe-Swords
Bow River Trout Foundation



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