Bow River Trout Foundation – Strategic Plan – A Vision for the Future

Who we are

Founded in May of 2017 as an Alberta Not-For-Profit Society by a group of like-minded individuals who were committed to supporting the health and longevity of the Bow River for the years of enjoyment it had given to them.

Bow River Trout Foundation began by representing the angling community on river access initiatives and advocating for support of the world class Bow River fishery.

In its first two years of existence, the Bow River Trout Foundation has experienced rapid growth and success. We are outgrowing our current mandate and objectives and have begun to strategically plan to ensure our long-term sustainability.

Where we want to go

We have established a long-term planning committee and are currently in the process of formulating a longer range goal focused on fishery conservation that extends into the upper reaches of the Bow River Basin.

We envision pursuing research initiatives that lead to improvements in water and fishery management of the Bow River Basin and will continue to engage with the Government of Alberta, the electrical regulator and TransAlta to ensure that water management policies are revised to accommodate the most current scientific studies and best practices for a healthy and sustainable fish population.

We will also continue to enhance or create access along the length of the Bow River so that it reduces impacts at any one location.

BRT – Strategic Plan 2019

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