The Mission

Bow River Trout has been formed out of a need for an organization to advocate for support of the Bow River’s world class fishery. The fishery needs new and improved river access. In addition advocacy and engagement with government agencies is needed to support a sustainable fish population. Bow  River Trout is driven by a commitment to;

“The Leading Voice  for the Bow River Fishery”


  1. To promote and support the responsible use and enhancement of the Bow River Sub Basin fishery
  2. To commit to the maintenance and improvement of access to the Bow River Sub Basin for the fishing community.
  3. To support the sustainability and enhancement of responsible fishery regulations and water management through sound conservation practices of the Bow River Sub Basin.
  4. To promote, foster and educate the public about the sport fishing opportunities available within the Bow River Sub Basin.
  5. To advocate for and support improvements to aquatic and riparian habitat that benefit the Bow River ecosystem.
  6. To engage and inform the membership and general public on the Foundations initiatives, programming and projects.
  7. To cooperate with all levels of government, organizations or stakeholders whose objectives are similar in whole or part with the objectives of the Bow River Trout Foundation.
  8. To build and sustain a healthy organization.

Board of Directors

President – Peter Crowe-Swords

Vice-President  – Jason Villeneuve

Secretary – Jason Noble

Treasurer – Angela Rankin

Directors – Mike Algar. Dee Chatani, Bill Peters, Ben Rogers, Ian Griffin, Mike Robertson, Phil Evans 

 Become a member of Bow River Trout and support our objective to improve the Bow River fishery.   member

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