Policeman’s Flats Closed June 10-12, 2020

Please be advised that Policeman’s Flats boat launch will be CLOSED to all access on June 10-12 to complete access road rehabilitation and stabilization. Absolutely no vehicle or boat traffic will be permitted for the duration of the project. Contractors will be working on the access road to remove the old interlock block destroyed inContinue reading “Policeman’s Flats Closed June 10-12, 2020”

Heritage Drive Flood Barrier Construction to Start

The construction of a new flood barrier along Heritage Drive adjacent to the Graves Bridge parking lot in underway. Access to the boat ramp will not be restricted during the construction, but the parking lot may get congested with equipment. As the project get underway discussion will take place regarding truck/trailer parking allocations. The followingContinue reading “Heritage Drive Flood Barrier Construction to Start”

The Impact of Bow River Water Management on Fish Populations

An Overview of Bow River Water Management  For more than 30 years the Bow River downstream of Calgary has been recognized as a world class trout fishery, principally as a result of the regulated flows from  hydroelectric power plants upstream of Calgary. They provide a constant flow of cold water which allows for the growthContinue reading “The Impact of Bow River Water Management on Fish Populations”

Bow River Trout Foundation – Strategic Plan – A Vision for the Future

Who we are Founded in May of 2017 as an Alberta Not-For-Profit Society by a group of like-minded individuals who were committed to supporting the health and longevity of the Bow River for the years of enjoyment it had given to them. Bow River Trout Foundation began by representing the angling community on river accessContinue reading “Bow River Trout Foundation – Strategic Plan – A Vision for the Future”

Bow River Trout Population – 2018 Survey Update

December 2018 Bow River Trout Foundation had the opportunity to meet with Alberta Environment & Parks regional fishery managers in December to review the preliminary findings of the 2018 Bow River Fish Population Survey conducted in September of this year. The driving force for this year’s survey was to document the current sport fish population followingContinue reading “Bow River Trout Population – 2018 Survey Update”

The State of the Bow River Fishery – Water Management Concerns – Update

December 2018: Bow River Trout Foundation  expressed our concerns to the Government of Alberta (GOA) in October 2017 with the long-term  water management proposals for enhancement of flood and drought control within the Bow River Basin. Priority was given to one of two new dams at either the Morley Indian Reserve or the Glenbow RanchContinue reading “The State of the Bow River Fishery – Water Management Concerns – Update”

The Government of Alberta Moves to Add Dams on the Bow River

The Government of Alberta has started the ball rolling to add new dams on the Bow River to aid in flood protection for the City of Calgary and drought protection for water users further downstream. The project  Bow Basin Water Management Options is a Conceptual Assessment for a new dam at either the Glenbow Ranch or MorleyContinue reading “The Government of Alberta Moves to Add Dams on the Bow River”

Harvie Passage- A Challenge For Drift Boat Use.

Harvie Passage Low Water Channel (LWC) was developed as a safe passage through the Western Irrigation District (WID) weir in the heart of the City of Calgary, adjacent to Pearce Estate Park. The original development was completed in 2012, but unfortunately the 2013 flood destroyed most of the infrastructure. There was weakness in the originalContinue reading “Harvie Passage- A Challenge For Drift Boat Use.”

BRT 2018 One Fly Tournament – Saturday, September 29, 2018

After the success of the inaugural tournament in 2017 we would like to invite you to participate again this year. The 2018  One Fly Tournament will take place on Saturday, September 29, 2018. Anglers are invited to actively participate in the event, or enjoy a day on the river that will also support Bow RiverContinue reading “BRT 2018 One Fly Tournament – Saturday, September 29, 2018”