Membership & Donations


Bow River Trout Foundation has an annual membership fee of  $25.00. April 1 to March 31.

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Your membership to Bow River Trout Foundation will:

  • Allow you to work closely with like-minded individuals to advocate and give back to one of North America’s greatest fisheries.
  • Support of new and improved river access in and downstream of Calgary.
  • An emailing of the Newsletter produced quarterly, giving updates on progress with initiatives of interest.
  • And most  importantly, membership provides for a voice in advocacy:

“The Leading Voice for the Bow River Fishery”.



Bow River Trout Foundation has engaged with Calgary’s River Access Strategy to support development of new boat ramps on the Bow River. Ogden Bridge will be developed in 2019/2020.  Details of the planned developments can be found at the following link. Priority Access Sites. Each site will cost approximately $500,000 of which river users are asked to contribute  $75,000 to each site development. The balance paid by the City of Calgary.


Bow River Trout Foundation has forged an agreement with  Sherbrooke Investments Ltd, the property owner, to develop Policeman’s Flats boat access site that was devastated by the 2013 flood. A three phase development has taken place to remove instream rocks that were hazardous to access to the river. Upgrades to the parking area and amenities were added. The total cost of the project was more than $30,000. Maintenance of the site will be continued into the future.

This initiative and others will only be possible with community support.

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Bow River Trout Foundation is planning to raise an estimated amount of $100,000 this year from fundraising campaigns. It will cost our organization $30,000 to raise this for a net profit of $70,000. The money raised will be going to our commitment to improve river access boat ramps on the Bow River. For further information, please contact Jason Villeneuve (403-862-4682) Our address is 20 Schubert Hill NW, Calgary AB, T3L 1W4 and we are incorporated in Alberta