BRT One Fly Tournament

The BRT One Fly Tournament provides an opportunity to participate in a fun fishing event and help raise funds to support the Bow River fishery.

 Our primary fundraising goal for 2017 is to support the construction of two new Calgary boat launches at Ogden Bridge and Inglewood .

Participants will have 2 option:

  • A fully guided boat for the day at a cost of $600.
  • Or bringing their own boat for $300.

Every effort will be made to ensure anyone who wants to participate can.

The event is supported by local outfitters, guides and fly fishing stores.

Registration and further details are available on the Bow River Trout website at the following link: One Fly Tournament

 All Funds Raised Locally Will Be Spent Locally


For further information email:




Bow River Trout Announces Fundraising Events

cropped-fb_img_1465241029442.jpgBow River Trout Foundation is please to announce two fundraising events this year that will support our commitment to support the Bow River Fishery:

BRT One Fly 2017

Please join us for the inaugural BRT One Fly Tournament to be held on Saturday September 30, 2017. The OneFly will provide an opportunity for anglers to participate in a fun fishing event and help raise funds to support the initiatives of Bow River Trout. Our primary fundraising goal for 2017 is to generate funds for our commitment towards the construction of two new planned boat launches as part of the City of Calgary’s Bow River Access Strategy. Details at One Fly Tournament Link

BRT Dinner 2017

The Blue Ribbon Bow Dinner, a fundraising  event at the Calgary Petroleum Club on Wednesday, November 22, 2017. The dinner will be a “Celebration of the Bow River Fishery”, followed by a silent auction where the proceeds will go to support of  Bow River Trout’s fishery management initiatives. Further details of the event will be available in August 2017.

Harvie Passage Instream Work – July 20-21, 2017


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The Harvie Passage Low Flow Channel (River right) will be opened up for testing the design on Thursday, July 20th, and Friday July 21st. Bow River Trout was concerned that the instream work could have a serious impact on the fishery for two days. We are very please to report that our suggestion that instream work should only be conducted in the afternoons to minimize the impact for drift boat users within the city. The contractor has agreed to our request with the following work plan starting Thursday:

“What we will be planning to do is cut down the downstream cofferdam beginning tomorrow morning (removing material to bring it to water level), and the actual removal from below water level will begin around lunch time. On Friday, we’ll do the same with the upstream cofferdam, we’ll reduce the elevation in the morning, then actual removal will start around lunch time, with the river breaching and entering the channel around that time. Cofferdam removal will be completed by end of day Friday, no disturbances for Harvie Passage are anticipated over the weekend”. 

Please be advised, that the new rapid transit bridge downstream of Cushing Bridge is under construction and instream work may cause turbidity as well. We are hoping to negotiate the same work plan for this site.


AEP – Draft Bow River Access Plan

Alberta Environment and Parks is launching public engagement on the first phase of the Draft Bow River Access Plan. Over the last 30 years, the Bow River has grown in reputation to become a world famous fly-fishing destination and popular area for rafting and canoeing.  Considering the interest and potential, there is a desire to improve access to the river and foster tourism opportunities while ensuring the sustainability of the fishery. The purpose of the draft plan is to identify key river access points for public use, reduce site impacts, improve recreation, tourism and educational opportunities, and reduce user conflict.

As the planning process enters the engagement phase, stakeholders, river users, and the public are invited to participate in a short survey to share your thoughts on the Draft Bow River Access Plan. More information on the draft plan and access to the survey can be found at Talk AEP. Feedback on this first phase will be collected from July 4 to July 31, 2017.

Please feel free to give this email the widest distribution possible as we hope to solicit feedback from a wide variety of users.

Thank you,

Rob Wolfe, Alberta Environment & Parks

Policeman’s Flats – Flooded!!

If we had boat launches that were properly thought out and engineered correctly then we would not have the mess that is Policeman’s Flats today.

Boat access to the Bow River has consistently been an afterthought, but with Bow River Trout Foundation’s work on Calgary’s River Access Strategy, new and upgraded boat ramps will be seen in the City. But the Province must do its part and take immediate action and make improvements to existing river access such as Policeman’s Flats to secure river access until alternative sites are developBrown Trout cut out 2ed.

If you would like to help us in ensuring healthy river access  for future generations, consider joining the Bow River Tout Foundation.

BRT Membership

City of Calgary River Flow Advisory – Keep Off the Bow River

Press Release

City of Calgary River Flow Advisory

Date, June 01 2017

The Calgary Fire Department, Calgary Police Service and Calgary Community Standards are advising Calgarians against boating and all other watercraft activities on the Bow River.

The current flow rate on the Bow River is 293 m3/s — which is higher than we’ve seen in the last two years,” says Carol Henke, Public Information Officer, Calgary Fire Department. “Runoff from melting snow in the mountains is causing very cold water temperatures, increased floating debris and high turbidity in the Bow River, which makes for very poor visibility and dangerous conditions.”

Members of Calgary Fire and Calgary Police marine units will be monitoring the river while the advisory is in place. However, The City advises everyone to stay off the Bow River until conditions improve.

For the safety of river users and emergency responders, we are asking everyone to wait until flows return to normal, Henke says.

It is also important for people near the river to be aware of high flow levels. “Calgarians are urged to exercise caution around river banks as the fast-moving water can cause erosion and river banks can collapse,” Henke adds.

Harvie Passage remains closed to recreational boat traffic until 2018. The province of Alberta continues to restore the passage and during this time this section of the river poses extreme risk.

As always, Calgarians are reminded to use caution and be prepared for anything on the water. All watercraft users should wear life-jackets to avoid a mandatory court appearance and fines. In addition to wearing life jackets, river users should avoid consuming alcohol and other intoxicants on Calgary’s waterways.

The City of Calgary encourages all water users to familiarize themselves with safety practice bylaws and safety alerts on   and monitor flow levels at   

Boat Ramp Etiquette

As the Bow River as a recreational venue becomes more popular, there is a need to be considerate of other river users. Boat ramps can become congested with not only drift boats, but canoes, kayaks and all the gear that goes with a day on the river.


Recently the Angling Outfitters & Guides Association of Alberta (AOGAA) prepared a brochure entitled Etiquette & Fish Handling Tips  that gives suggestion as to how to avoid problems and conflicts at boat launch sites.

This is an excellent review from river guides who use the river on a daily basis.

022As the Calgary River Access Strategy rolls out, each of the boat ramps and hand launch sites will have information boards, similar to what has been installed at the Glenmore Reservoir boat ramps detailing river use information and guidelines. Boat ramp etiquette and safety will be a part of the information.