Journal Articles


1.The Law and the Lake: Navigating Alberta’s Regulatory Framework.A review of the laws relating to access water body access in Alberta. Gerry Hackel, Alberta Environment & Parks

The Law and the Lake

2. Sport Fishing In Alberta-2010 Survey: A review of the Alberta data collected for Stats Canada. The economic importance of the Alberta fishery is documented

Sport Fishing In Alberta-2010 Survey

3. Alberta Fishing Magazine – 2017 Digital Supplement – page 102 – 103. Bow River Trout Foundation – A commitment to a Sustainable Fishery

Alberta Fishing Guide Digital Magazine 2017

4. Summary of Technical Literature Examining the Temperature Effects on Salmonoids. EPA, May 2001.

EPA Summary Temp Effect

5. Multiple Challenges Confront a High-Effort Inland Recreational Fishery in Decline. Christopher L. Cahill, et al,  University of Calgary, 2018