Bow River Flow Forecasts

Flow Forecasts will return next year before run-off. Thank you for checking our site to plan your river use. See you in the spring.

TransAlta Bow River flow release forecasts from Ghost and Bearpaw reservoirs  will be posted on the Bow River Trout Foundation website Monday, Wednesday and Friday until October 2019. The flow forecasts are a predicted daily average flow and are governed by upstream supply. During the course of the day flows can fluctuate to meet the daily predictions and demands.River users with questions can contact us at TransAlta Hydro Operations at or call 1-877-967-2555.

Bow River flows are generally stable in the fall of the year within a range of 50 to 70 cms. Flow forecasts will only be posted when predictions are outside of this range 

TransAlta the operator of the Ghost Reservoir on the Bow River upstream of Calgary entered into an agreement with Alberta Environment & Parks (AEP) in 2014 with a pilot project to assess a flood mitigation model that would aid in the control of the Bow River’s seasonal high flows. Details in the following link:
TransAlta Ghost Reservoir Pilot Project

Calgary River Flows

Alberta River Basin Map – Recording Stations – Go to the following mobile app and select your own station flow rates   AEP River App

Kananaskis River Flows

The Kananaskis River flows are controlled the TransAlta hydroelectric reservoirs and power plants. The operation of the system is referred to as “hydropeaking” whereby the river flow is contained in reservoirs during low electrical demand and released when electricity is needed.

Kananaskis River Flows