River Flows

Flow Forecast: Ghost & Bearspaw Reservoirs

Please note that flow forecasts are relatively stable in the 110 to 120 cms range. A 4 day update of the forecast will be posted each Friday as a guide to current flows. If flow forecasts suddenly change a more frequent forecast will be posted. 

Aug 10

TransAlta the operator of the Ghost Reservoir on the Bow River upstream of Calgary entered into an agreement with Alberta Environment & Parks (AEP) in 2014 with a pilot project to access a flood mitigation model that would aid in the control of the Bow River’s seasonal high flows.

The pilot project TransAlta AEP Ghost Agreementdemonstrated  that by modifying water storage in Ghost Reservoir during annual snowpack runoff,the impact of high river flows in the spring and early summer could be alleviated. A further pilot project was agreed to in 2015 to run for 3 years to further evaluate an operation model. Details are available in the following link:
TransAlta Ghost Reservoir Pilot Project

Calgary River Flows

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